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WordPress Web Hosting : 5 tips for choosing it well (and not making a mistake)

Wordpress Web Hosting
Wordpress Web Hosting

For a beginner who wants to have a website, finding quality WordPress hosting is difficult, especially since understanding the concept is difficult enough. However, the choice is critical because you must know each option and what it has to offer before you start.

Zoom on the different types of web hosting on the market

The shared server

Shared hosting consists of bringing together several users. It is a form of colocation where all clients share the same bandwidth. It can prove to be a problem if the network is saturated with someone using too much data. It cannot rule out the possibility of slowing down if the host is not powerful enough. However, the shared offer is suitable for platforms with fairly average or relatively weak audiences, bloggers, tiny businesses and SMEs. It also allows regular updates to be made.

The WordPress hosting shared is the offer suitable for beginners. Its cost is not very expensive. The monthly price of the formula generally varies from 3 to 25 USD per month. 

The dedicated server

If your website starts to have more and more traffic and your needs are no longer suitable for Shared WordPress hosting, you should switch to the dedicated server. So you will have your own server without having to share it with other users. Of course, the price is more important, but the options will be more numerous. Your site will perform better. In addition, many hosts offer several choices of formulas.

Virtual private server or VPS

It is a relatively high-end offer, using a virtual server. The VPS is dedicated to the top-rated site with a vast audience. The term virtual refers to the software on the physical server that is used to create private servers. However, Virtual Private Server or Virtual Private Server hosting requires specific skills to configure your server. You may need the service of an expert, as you will have to do all the configuration yourself. This WordPress hosting is ideal for SMEs as well as bloggers with sites with good visibility. 

Cloud hosting

This type of hosting is used to host WP sites on several dematerialized VPSs. This option provides the most assurance if one server is down, as other servers will still support your site. Unlike VPS or Dedicated Server, so you don’t have your server. You must therefore take into account the security risks.

With a cloud server, the customer only pays for what he consumes (resource and storage). You are free to add or remove any. Note, however, that the cloud offer is quite expensive compared to a shared WordPress site hosting.

5 Tips to find and choose your wordpress web hosting

Have you decided to launch your own website? Do not overlook the following points before choosing your provider for WordPress hosting  :

1. Find a wordpress host with good support.

For WordPress site hosting, you have to find a host with a dynamic and efficient team to answer you in case of a problem. It is an essential point.

Make sure that their support team is knowledgeable and able to deal with your issue. In case of difficulties, you will quickly obtain a solution from your customer support. You also need support available at all times because problems can block you and incredibly severely impact your business if the site is inaccessible due to server problems in particular.

2. Find a web host aware of web performance and loading time.

To have a quality WordPress hosting provider, you have to prioritize the criterion of web performance. Therefore, it would help if you based your choice on the servers that will be able to optimize WordPress operations while allowing the site, whatever the weight of its images and files, to load more quickly. Indeed, WordPress optimization can allow you to have a more efficient site overall, especially in terms of SEO and user experience.

3. Choose a web hosting whose servers can cover the international.

When choosing a host, make sure that your provider has its reputation worldwide. Indeed, if you want to target a larger audience, your site must be visible to any Internet user around the world, primarily through CDN offers. This trick mainly affects e-commerce sites that sell their products internationally.

If you want to create a site in a specific country, it is recommended to find WordPress web hosting with the infrastructure there.

4. Opt for a quality web host offering free automatic backups

Automatic backups are one of the essential criteria that it should not forget for WordPress hosting. Data loss cannot be remedied. We must therefore prevent this by choosing the right host.

If you choose a shared offer, enjoying automatic backups generates a specific additional cost, but the game is often worth the effort. A VPS also requires configuration to perform these types of tasks. You will therefore have to install your automatic backup system. The best is to opt directly for a WordPress host that integrates free automatic backups in its subscriptions.

5. Launch your site with a host who prioritizes the security of its customers

Safety first! Do not get involved with a host who cannot guarantee the security of your site, your data and that of your users. The ideal WordPress hosting provider offers assistance in case your site gets attacked by a hacker. Also, choose a web host with a malware protection system.


logo hostinger web hosting
hostinger web hosting


Hostinger a web host specializing in WordPress sites .

Designed to provide hosted sites with performance, particularly in terms of loading time, the monthly subscriptions offered by Hostinger are offered on the basis of different types of hosting (shared, cloud or VPS) in order to allow any WordPress site to see itself hosted at a competitive price according to its expectations and its traffic.

Here is an overview of the prices charged by Hostinger :

Hostinger wordpress web hosting plans

Overview of prices of web hosting offered by Hostinger for WordPress sites


Web hosting companies comparison
Web hosting companies comparison

Comparison of Hostinger vs BlueHost and HostGator: Overall, Hostinger is better with a better average rating

Hostinger is often ranked in the top of the best WordPress hosting, and for good reason, when you compare it to its competitors, it is often acclaimed by its users.

Its advantageous price makes it accessible to all businesses and freelancers. It is therefore fairly easily accessible even for a small showcase site.