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Warzone season 3: date, new map, new features, battle pass … All you need to know

warzone season 3 Review

Warzone continues its path with a season 3 in connection with Cold War. This season will be one of all changes, with a new map planned but also a lot of new weapons and mechanics that will be distilled over time. Overview.

In recent weeks, Warzone has gone through quite a bit. Always infested by cheaters, they no longer hesitate to share cheat software for free on the internet , making this problem even more serious. But conversely, great news was also awaiting players with the second part of season 2 and its additions.

Warzone season 3: date and time of availability

This season 3 of Warzone was released on April 22, 2021 ! Previous seasons were all exactly 10 weeks long, with availability around 9am , and that pattern would be repeated here again.

To launch this season 3, Warzone is starting an event, The Hunt for Adler , limited in time and which requires players to complete in-game challenges exclusive to this event . Many of these challenges are also in Black Ops Cold War . By completing them, you can earn skins, Avatar rewards etc.

Note that this season 3 does not come alone since at the same time, the mobile version of Call of Duty will also welcome a new season. Longer, it could also see the return of Zombies mode as an end-of-season gift within a few months .

The size of Warzone season 3 is around 25 GB .

Warzone s03: new map

First, know that a new card is expected but its shape could disappoint more than one . The rumors were based on a lot of clues that revealed a destruction of Verdansk and a trip to Laos for the next map, but it is not. Today, it is in the direction of a 1980s style Verdansk map that the game has started …

  • Verdansk’s Destruction Act 1 took place on April 21 at 9 p.m. , live on Twitch. We see a nuclear bomb razing the region …
  • Act 2 was launched immediately, from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. (Renaissance Nuit Playlist)
  • Act 3 is the end of the intro to season 3 runs from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on April 22 (playing on a changed Rebirth Island )
  • Act 4 is the end of the event, from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on April 22

The first few hours after the nuke saw Operation Rapid Sunder unfold, with players transformed into zombies upon death . Then, Verdansk was completely unavailable, leaving only the Rebirth Island map , itself updated. It is now in night mode, 15 minutes after the explosion in Verdansk, and offers a new Control Center in place of the old construction site.

Season 3 of Warzone: what meta changes, fixes, nerf …?

The full description is now known, and the changes will be numerous. Nerves, fixes, buffs … Here’s everything you can expect as Season 3 progresses:

  • Roze skin that made her invisible : corrected and nerfed.
  • A nerf for the AUG, M16, FFAR 1, M16, Groza, MAC-10 and Sykov.
  • Damage buff for the LC10, Krig 6, QBZ-83 and FARA 83.
  • The two new perks will be reviewed. Especially Foresight!
  • Changed the way to obtain the RC-XD.
  • Addition of a new light vehicle, very fast but quickly destructible.

Also, while an anti-cheat software worthy of the name is expected, the developers have announced that they have banned a wave of 200,000 players in recent weeks …

Finally, the few bugs that remain in cross-play will be corrected with a last next-gen update.

The Battle-Pass 3 is of course provided as rewards :

  • Tier 0: Operator Wraith , new camo skin
  • Tier 15: PPSh-41 weapon
  • Tier 21: blueprint for the “ Vex Lord ”
  • Tier 27: Gilded Rose Shotgun Crafting Blueprint
  • Tier 31: K31 sniper weapon
  • Tier 55: Manufacturing blueprint for the “ Slow Death ” submachine gun
  • Tier 95: crafting blueprint for the ultra-rare ” loud pipe ” weapon
  • Tier 100: Ultra Rare ” White Queen ” Skin by Wraith – Crafting Blueprint for the Ultra Rare ” Roman Standard ” Sniper Rifle

Warzone season 3: new operator, new weapons …

Three new operators will be brought in season 3 of Warzone . The leaks got it right by revealing this information very early:

  • Wraith : tall Norwegian blonde, it is available at Tier 0 of the new Battle Pass and will be available from the 1st week. She has an ultra rare skin at Tier 100.
  • Roman “Knight” Gray : paying as a DLC, it will arrive in the middle of Season 3.
  • Antonov : also paying in DLC, it will arrive ” at a later date “.
  • Captain Price : well known to players, his skin will also be offered at the start of the season to all those who have logged in online with a paid version of Cold War. To play it in Warzone, it must be unlocked in the last Call of Duty in 1st.

Warzone could also gain a whole new wearable armor system, different from the Juggernaut . Several lines of code in Warzone indeed state ” damage reduction of 15 to 30% depending on the quality of the armor “, with a reduction also in flashbang effects etc., thanks to elements including ” a protective helmet “and” a Kevlar vest “.

Regarding weapons, several leaks are also interesting since they mentioned the arrival of the Sykov and the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow . We now know that they were right, since the weapons below are now confirmed:

  • PPSh-41 : submachine gun, available from the 1st week in Tier 15 of the Battle Pass.
  • Swiss K31 : sniper rifle
  • Ballistic knife : arrival mid-season
  • CARV.2
  • AMP63 : pistol available during season 3
  • Baseball bat : available during season 3 through in-game challenges or the store via a blueprint .

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