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Last of Us PC : how to play on PC? Steam, emulation, guide and tutorial

Last of Us PC how to play on PC
Last of Us PC how to play on PC

Last of Us on PC, whether it’s the first game or the second, it’s possible! But we’ll have to be cunning and follow our guide below. The adventures of Ellie and Joel on the computer are yours, whether through emulation or not …

There are now two Last of Us games and both are viewed by all players as great titles. Reserved for consoles Playstation, these titles are however available on PC … but there is a but.

The Last of Us on PC : How to play the first PC game?

This section will focus here on The Last of Us first of the name , and its playability on PC. There is currently only one way to play The Last of Us 1 on PC, and it’s through the emulation of the PS3 console that it’s going to happen. To do this, we already drew up a guide to emulate the PS3 but here are the main points:

Go get the RPCS3 software , the Playstation 3 emulator .

  • Head to its official website for that .
  • Unzip it, install it and launch it with patience as it has several little add-ons to install automatically.
  • You also need an image of the game to install, here The Last of Us . In this example and for fun and educational purposes, we are using this version from the site (illegally distributed).
  • In the emulator, go to File> Boot Game> Select the game folder > Open the file obtained previously.

Before your eyes, the magic of the game begins to operate. Keyboard and mouse support exists, as does support for the DualShock 4 controller if you plug it into your computer . Otherwise, take a quick tour of the RPCS3 emulator site mentioned above where you will find lots of little detailed guides.

The Last of Us PART II on PC: How to play it on PC?

As of this writing, there is no way to play The Last of Us Part 2 on PC . Sony did not want to distribute its game on PC as was the case for Horizon Zero Dawn for example. Rumors from March 2021 indicate that the brand has planned a list of several names to wear on the computer, but The Last of Us is not one of them. However, we find in particular God of War (which is already playable on PC, here is our guide) , Ghost of Tsushima or Bloodborne.

So, no release date for The Last of Us 2 on PC, no emulator, no PS Now … To the question The Last of Us is it playable on PC , the one and only answer is a not categorical .

If any means were to open up in the coming months (finally functional PS4 emulator, launch on Steam, etc.), we would update this article, but be very patient …

In the meantime, you can always find our guide to playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PC , or if you are into cute, the tutorial to run Animal Crossing on the computer !

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