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Where to buy the cheap iPad Pro M1 in 2021? Best Price Guide

iPad Pro M1 best price
iPad Pro M1 best price

We have compared for you all the online stores where to buy the iPad Pro M1. From its cheap model to the version with the maximum configuration, you can find its best price everywhere. But is its technical sheet really worth it? Details.

With the inexpensive eleven-inch model and the larger version nearly thirteen inches, the iPad Pro M1 has a lot to do with it. It must be said that its best price is also very attractive. Where to buy iPad Pro M1, follow the guide.

iPad Pro M1: what we prefer

  • 10 The ultra powerful M1 processor
  • 20 Face ID
  • 30 Cheap in eleven inch version

Where to buy the iPad Pro M1 doesn’t mean to ignore high-end performance. Because no matter which version you choose, including at the best price, it will integrate the M1 processor. This one is designed by Apple directly. It cannot be found anywhere else except of course in its computers, starting with the iMac M1 which you can find or buy right here .

Is the iPad Pro M1 really cheap?

In the rest of this guide on where to buy the iPad Pro M1 at the best price, let’s talk about what makes it a cheap iPad Pro M1.

The same design as before

iPad Pro M1 best price

To begin with, you should know that the iPad Pro M1 has more or less the same design as the iPad Pro 2020 unveiled just a few months earlier . Indeed, with the iPad Pro M1 at the best price, we are entitled to a tablet with rounded corners but with fairly straight edges which in fact recall those of the previous edition. A strategy that allows Apple to set its cheap price, no matter where to buy the device. Indeed, this way, no need for additional research and development to imagine a new format! Pretty smart, isn’t it?

IPad Pro M1 Camera

The camera of the iPad Pro M1 with an eleven inch screen is the same as that of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro at the best price. We can therefore say that there is no real difference between a cheap iPad Pro M1 and an iPad Pro M1 in maximum configuration on the imaging side. So admittedly, you probably won’t find where to buy the iPad Pro M1 in a photo shop. But at least the iPad Pro M1’s camera will be sufficient for indoor or outdoor family scenes.

Not many people want to buy an iPad Pro M1 for snapshots anyway. No, people rather hope to work with this kind of device.

Accessories: iPad Pro M1

And precisely, if we look at the accessories compatible with the iPad Pro M1, we notice that there are differences. Thus, the inexpensive iPad Pro M1, that is to say its third eleven-inch generation, is compatible with the inexpensive Magic Keyboard too. On the other hand, the iPad Pro M1 with a 12.9-inch panel will not be the best price if you also want to buy its keyboard. Indeed, if you choose where to buy the larger Magic Keyboard, then you will have to invest more.

What’s also good to know is that the cheap Apple Pencil is not compatible with the iPad Pro M1. Indeed, only the second generation of the stylus works with the fifth generation iPad Pro. And it is not at all the one with the best price. Count 135 euros against 99 euros for the old version.

Finally, you should know that in addition to the iPad Pro M1 itself, you will also have to look for where to buy USB-C sticks if you go for the cheap model. It is these accessories that will allow you to select the iPad Pro of 2021 at the best price. Indeed, with less memory, the iPad Pro M1 is less expensive than if you choose a version with more storage. It is quite logical.

IPad Pro M1 performance

The M1 processor, what is it really worth?

Cheap iPad Pro M1

You’ve probably guessed it if you’ve read this far: the cheap iPad Pro M1 is entitled to the same processor as the other. And this chip, which is therefore called M1, is probably also a big part of the best price for the fifth and third generation iPad Pro (11 ″). Why ? Let me explain this to you. In fact, Apple didn’t have to figure out where to buy the various M1 chip units.

Yep: Apple designed the processor for the iPad Pro M1 itself. Therefore, the company did not need to ask Intel where to buy its CPUs. So of course, it subcontracts the manufacture of the chips for the iPad Pro M1 to TSMC, but this is also what allows to obtain its best price. Because if the iPad Pro M1 is not expensive, it is also thanks to the best price of Asian providers who are much more interesting than that of American workers.

RAM and battery life of the cheap iPad Pro M1

iPad Pro M1 best price
iPad Pro M1 best price


The iPad Pro M1 is available in several editions. Hence first, there is the cheap iPad Pro M1 which is the one with an eleven inch screen. It is therefore available from 899 euros in space gray or silver. But this is only the best price, that is, for 128 GB only. Indeed, where to buy an iPad Pro M1 with 2 TB of storage will ask you against 2,109 euros… Which is not accessible to all budgets. Especially the smaller ones.

Fortunately, there is also good news when it comes to memory. This concerns RAM. We can see that the iPad Pro M1 has the same amount of RAM at its best price as in its most high-end version. So don’t ask yourself where to buy the iPad Pro with more RAM – you have no choice. It’s 8 GB for everyone. But that’s quite sufficient for both businesses and individuals looking for a cheap iPad Pro M1.

iPad Pro M1 Operating system

The software that powers the iPad Pro M1 is called iPadOS 14. You won’t be able to find where to buy this program anywhere other than Apple. Unfortunately, the brand does not offer it to its competitors. But the upside is that its best price is free since you don’t have to spend more than the iPad Pro M1 itself to qualify. Indeed, iPadOS14 is integrated as standard with the 12.9-inch fifth-generation iPad Pro. An advantage that is also found on the third generation of the iPad Pro M1 11 ″. But not always on all the other tablets that have a cheap price.

Our opinion: where to buy the iPad Pro M1 at the best price

To finish this guide where to buy the cheap iPad Pro M1, here is a comparison. Below are listed all the prices charged by sellers on the iPad Pro M1 released at the beginning of 2021. You can see it immediately, its best price is the one at the top of the table.

Last tip and we’ll leave it to you: don’t forget that the iPad Pro M1 at the best price is the third generation iPad Pro M1 11 ″. Indeed, even the cheap iPad Pro M1 12.9 ″ from 2021 is less affordable than its little brother. Good to know to find where to buy your iPad Pro M1.


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