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Our pick of the best single player, multiplayer and co-op FPS (2021)

the best single player multiplayer and co-op FPS (2021)

After having offered you our selection of the best hack’n slash , we are tackling a juggernaut of the video game genre, full of blasters and other toys that are booming and booming. Yes, we’re bringing you our pick of the best single player, multiplayer, and co-op first person shooters (FPS) games.

The FPS was born in the 92s with what is commonly known as the grandfather of the genre, Wolfenstein 3D , courtesy of the excellent studio id Software. He truly became a pop-culture phenomenon with DOOM in 1993, thanks in part to the legendary hair of John Romero and the genius of John Carmack. Clubic therefore offers you its selection of the best titles of this iconic genre, carrying a legacy of nearly 30 years, divided into three distinct categories. Prepare your most beautiful Super Shotgun, we are attacking a very big piece!

The best single-player FPS

If the selection of the best single-player FPS has been tough with so many excellent titles in this category in the space of almost 30 years, it is worth mentioning a few pearls before getting to the heart of the matter. Quake, System Shock , Duke Nukem, Serious Sam and Crysis , among many others, are so many licenses that have helped to elevate the FPS genre to new heights. We have for our part stopped on five titles which represent, in our opinion, the quintessence of FPS mainly solo, by their gameplay, their history or their atmosphere.

DOOM Eternal: Daddy is home!

DOOM Eternal Daddy is homeDOOM Eternal

  • Violent, nervous and terribly enjoyable
  • Dantesque blasts
  • Weak points of well-regarded bosses

Violent, nervous and terribly enjoyable here is in three words how to sum up DOOM Eternal. The artistic direction which can reach new heights and the soundtrack which is always so powerful are also there to perfect a rather remarkable picture.

Hell and against all

Impossible to start this selection of the best single-player FPS without opening hostilities with the latest offspring of the father of FPS. After a survival-horror- oriented DOOM 3 that was not unanimous, id Software returned in 2016 with a DOOM reboot that put a patriarchal slap on young people of the genre. In 2020, the studio drives the point home with DOOM Eternal , arguably one of the most enjoyable and edgy FPS ever released to date.

Beyond the brutality that we recognize in the DOOM Slayer , DOOM Eternal has casually revolutionized the experience of single-player FPS. A sort of closed loop, the 1993 DOOM itself having revolutionized the world of video games in its time. With a clever system of resources recharging thanks to different gadgets, DOOM Eternal asks us at all times to make precise decisions on a real battle board.

We therefore evolve at a frantic pace in different arenas, equipped with an arsenal constantly evolving in order to better manage the different demons standing in our way. Every aspect of the DOOM Slayer can be upgraded in depth, from its armor and weapons to passive skills. And all this set of mechanics comes together perfectly and plunges us into a most enjoyable state of trance once the action has started.

And let’s not forget a truly demonic soundtrack, initially managed by the brilliant Mick Gordon, who punctuates every moment of our adventures in the most just and brutal way. Quite simply one of the best soundtracks ever produced for a game (special mention to the metalhead chorus). The main adventure was then punctuated by an extension in two parts, further complicating an already provided formula, less Mick Gordon, unfortunately.

Still, DOOM Eternal is arguably one of the best single-player first-person shooters ever released to date and is likely to stay that way for a long time to come. Because DOOM is eternal.

Half-Life 2: The Legend of the Freeman

Half-Life 2 The Legend of the Freeman

Half-Life 2

  • Valve genius at its best
  • A title that has aged rather well
  • Gravity Gun and devilishly fun gameplay

To say that Half-Life 2 is a masterpiece is an understatement. This title is registered as one of the best single-player FPS ever. Gordon Freeman, his crowbar and the Gravity Gun are now icons of the genre, and there will never be enough Half-Life for one lifetime.

A crowbar and a gravity gun are in the hands of a bespectacled dumb, and things go wrong

Like a DOOM , it is impossible not to place in the pantheon of masterpieces of the solo FPS Half-Life , released in 1998, and more particularly the second opus, released in 2004. This franchise made Valve enter the legend for his know-how and his almost scientific genius. Half-Life 2 in particular, which presented itself as a revolution in its time thanks in particular to a very practical and devilishly funny tool to use: the Gravity Gun .

After surviving the events of the first installment, our favorite scientist finds himself at the start of Half-Life 2 in City 17. A sort of dystopian futuristic city dominated by the sprawling Cartel and under the direction of Dr. Wallace Breen. But in this city managed with an iron fist, the resistance, led in particular by Eli Vance and his daughter Alyx, is roaring. And the providence man Gordon Freeman comes at the right time to put a serious crowbar in the anthill.

Valve once again shows its genius by offering us a credible and well-designed universe, in which we will take pleasure in evolving through different atmospheres: sometimes nervous action, sometimes horror, sometimes driving in vast terrestrial and aquatic expanses, Half-Life 2 offers a cleverly calculated rhythm and an experience that is constantly being renewed. All this powered by a revolutionary Source engine at the time and which has aged particularly well.

Let’s not forget of course a very varied arsenal of classic blasters, weapons of alien composition and, icing on the cake, the brilliant Gravity Gun . A gem of technology allowing us to interact with many elements of the decor and, later, with our opponents themselves. A tool that partly inspired another pearl of Valve: the Portal series .

13 years after a heartbreaking cliffhanger of the adventures of Gordon Freeman, when we no longer expected them, Valve achieves another feat with the VR exclusive Half-Life: Alyx . Positioning itself today as THE AAA masterpiece of virtual reality, the franchise’s latest baby gives us hope that, one blessed day, Half-Life 3 will finally see the light of day.

Halo The Master Chief Collection: a cult epic

Halo The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • An ultra complete compilation
  • Possibility to switch between the different graphics modes
  • Multiplayer hasn’t aged a bit

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the ultimate compilation to own on Xbox. Its content is gargantuan and it’s a great way to catch up or experience this legendary license at a low price.

No, but Halo what!

Equally iconic, the Halo franchise , which launched exclusively on Xbox in 2001, has long been the best console FPS experience. The Master Chief Collection , generously bringing together five remastered episodes of this cult license, had to be included in our selection.

Halo is a bit like an FPS genre religion. The science fiction universe almost worthy of a space opera , its protagonists such as Master Chief, Cortana, 343 Pénitent Tangent, Sergeant Johnson, the Covenant, the Arbiter and the Parasite have definitely left their mark on the gaming sphere. Where Halo has long marked the spirits, it is especially through its semi-open world, allowing us to approach each situation in multiple ways.

A catalog of weapons, vehicles and upgrades, both human and alien, offered us gameplay possibilities rarely seen in the FPS genre. The halo of mystery surrounding the franchise’s story has also helped make it so unique and refreshing. Not to mention an always sumptuous soundtrack (don’t deny having spent several minutes on the title screen just to listen to this superb music).

The Master Chief Collection has come to give a facelift to this venerable franchise, especially on Halo 2 , almost unrecognizable as the graphic redesign is high level. An exceptional collection of exceptional games that any fan of the FPS genre must try, both on console and on PC.

But Master Chief isn’t done yet, and we’re keeping a close eye on Halo Infinite , scheduled for this fall. This should present an even bigger world. It remains to be seen if 343 Industries will have learned from its mistakes following the presentation of the game at the Xbox Games Showcase last summer.

BioShock The Collection: the emergence of excellence


BioShock: The Collection

  • The wonderful world of BioShock gathered in one collection
  • Deep and high-flying emerging gameplay
  • An artistic direction and a sublime atmosphere

From Rapture to Columbia, BioShock: The Collection takes us on an unforgettable journey for one of the most legendary single-player FPSs of recent years. A sublime artistic direction and atmosphere, endlessly renewing gameplay… if you haven’t, play it. Please.

Enter the bathysphere, please …

We were talking about System Shock in the introduction of this category, and one of the best franchises inspired by this legendary title is none other than BioShock , released in 2007. Endowed with a sublime artistic direction mixed with art deco of the American Roaring Twenties, BioShock is a true masterpiece of ambiance, from the deepest quarters of the underwater city of Rapture to the highest spheres of the city of clouds, Columbia.

The first two opus of this cult franchise therefore take us to a real underground metropolis called Rapture. Built by the megalomaniac Andrew Ryan to offer a haven of peace to the most brilliant of his time, the city was the scene of a terrible transformation that we will discover as we progress in this oppressive underwater experience.

We meet the Chrosomes, creatures driven mad by the abuse of Plasmids, a mixture that allows us to transcend our human status and obtain many powers. As we dive into the madness of these places, we will discover a vast arsenal of weapons and powers, as well as iconic protagonists like the Big Daddy or the Little Sisters, all in a truly delicious atmosphere.

The third opus released in 2013 radically changes the situation and takes us into the clouds, to Columbia. We must find there a certain Elizabeth, capable of traveling in time and space. Exit the murky and oppressive atmosphere of Rapture, here we go to an atmosphere that is at first glance colorful and divinely beautiful. But as in the previous opus, this pleasure will only be short-lived.

Along with Elizabeth, we are going to learn more about her and about our very character. An opus that was not unanimous, in particular because of a capillotracted end, but which bears the mark of excellence to which the franchise has accustomed us.

We are now waiting for one thing: a fourth episode that is languishing, but which from what we know should show as promising as its elders.

Metro Exodus: the post-apocalyptic has never looked so good

metro exodus video came

Metro Exodus

  • Beautiful to die for even on consoles
  • Really exotic
  • The concept taken to its climax

The third opus in the video game adaptation of the works of Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus is launching into the open world in the most beautiful way. With an atmosphere as sublime as it is oppressive, this title is presented as the best post-apocalyptic FPS of recent years.

Russian wasteland survival guide

In 2010, the Ukrainian studio 4A Games created a surprise by offering an adaptation of the post-apocalyptic works of the Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 . The start of a franchise that has since been a landmark in the single-player FPS genre and that hit the sky with Metro Exodus . An open-world title as beautiful as it is oppressive and having definitely left its irradiated mark on the gaming world.

Metro Exodus therefore makes us leave the Moscow metro for good and takes us on an epic journey through Eastern Europe, offering panoramas as magnificent as they are varied without forgetting its roots. If the first opus indeed offered a claustrophobic and distressing atmosphere, Metro Exodus opens up more and allows us to tread longer lands devastated and transformed by nuclear bombs.

However, the survival aspect that made the success of the franchise is found in every element of this title. You have to take care of your mask and your gas reserve, count your ammunition and constantly maintain your weapons, at the risk of meeting a brutal end.

Who says universe transformed by nuclear bombs, also says adversaries as human as tough mutants. Unlike other titles where our character is a monster of power, Artyom, our protagonist, is just a simple mortal. Each fight will therefore be a test and the slightest injury can prove fatal.

A post-apocalyptic solo FPS of excellent quality in short, while waiting for a certain STALKER 2 which should show its magnificent teeth sooner or later.

The best multiplayer FPS

After the tough choice of the best mainly solo FPS, it’s time to tackle another major aspect of the genre: multiplayer FPS. Here we have decided to cite games that are still active today and have a substantial regular player base. But it is worth mentioning the guns of the genre of yesteryear that are Quake 3 Arena , Unreal Tournament , Battlefield 2 or 2142 , and many others, which have spiced up our evenings at LAN or at the cybercafé with headshots and kills. .

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – the epitome of competitive FPS

counter strike global offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • A benchmark for competitive FPS, free-to-play
  • Gameplay as technical as it is exhilarating
  • Many and varied game modes

The latest in a flagship competitive FPS series, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a benchmark in its field, as much for a large player base as for the e-sport scene, all in free-to-play. With gameplay as technical as it is exhilarating once mastered and many game modes for all types of players, this title is not about to be dethroned anytime soon.

It’s going to be crazy !

It’s impossible not to start a selection of the best multiplayer FPS without starting with the undisputed master of its category: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ( CS: GO ). The franchise debuted in 2000, initially a simple multiplayer mod of a certain… Half-Life . The license has since made its own way to position itself as the queen of esports. CS: GO has only continued this legacy and has dominated the competitive FPS world almost unchallenged since its release in 2012, later adopting a free-to-play format .

The basic concept of Counter-Strike is edifyingly simple: a team of five terrorists must detonate one of the points on the map, and a team of five anti-terrorists must either prevent them. An extremely simple concept that has undoubtedly contributed to its success both with players and in the world of e-sport.

The other aspect that makes Counter-Strike and its sequels so popular is its particularly technical gameplay, but exhilarating once mastered. Each weapon has indeed a very precise behavior, which requires a perfect control of it to draw the maximum efficiency from it. Except that terrorists and anti-terrorists do not all have the same weapons, thus requiring from the player a certain ability to adapt to each game.

To achieve their objectives, each team has access to a shop at the start of each round, allowing them to equip themselves with accessories and defensive bonuses. A whole system of extremely well-oiled economy that rewards perfect management and encourages risk-taking and performance for each player.

The formula has of course been expanded over time, with new game modes, many created by a community of enthusiasts, in order to make CS: GO accessible to everyone, from the most novice to the most experienced. Despite his certain age, this title is not about to be stripped of his throne, except perhaps by a new legitimate heir.

Overwatch: dare to see the world as it could be

overwatch video game


  • An exciting universe for a competitive FPS
  • Very different heroes offering varied gameplay
  • Different game modes for all tastes

Blizzard’s latest new license, Overwatch has had the effect of a bomb in the world of competitive FPS. With an exciting universe for a purely multiplayer game and heroes as interesting and varied as they are fun to play, Overwatch has definitely left its mark on the world.

The world needs more heroes

BlizzCon 2014. Chris Metzen takes the stage to announce a new Blizzard-branded license, 16 years after StarCraft . We were discovering for the first time the beginnings of a colorful cyberpunk world imbued with optimism, with a giant gorilla talking. In total surprise, we learned that Blizzard wanted to try their hand at the world of competitive FPS. In 2016, Overwatch officially came out and caused a tsunami in the gaming world and pop culture.

If Overwatch has had such a dazzling success, it is in part thanks to an exciting and visually very successful universe, an extremely rare thing for a multiplayer FPS. Filled with characters as charismatic as they are interesting and places imbued with a strong history, Overwatch offers a perfect bridge between lovers of lore and the most competitive players, marrying two universes that everything opposes brilliantly.

MOBA, this competitive FPS allows us to embody many heroes arranged in three categories: Tank, Support and Damage. Each has unique skills and an ultimate ability that can drastically change the turn of an engagement Overwatch gameplay is constantly renewing itself. A composition which will prove to be effective in one situation may be less effective in other circumstances.

Beyond this constant adaptation required of players, Overwatch offers many ways to enjoy the experience. From fast-paced and competitive play modes to play modes created by a passionate community, Overwatch’s lifespan seemed endless, regularly filled with new content, heroes, maps and even single-player play modes for those in the know. multiplayer repulses.

Unfortunately, this exceptional title has been on life support for a year following the development of Overwatch 2, which is seriously overdue. We recently learned that its director, Jeff Kaplan, an icon of the video game industry, had decided to leave Blizzard and its dearest baby. It is therefore under not very encouraging auspices that we are monitoring the release of Overwatch 2 , while still hoping that this sequel will be able to put this fabulous license back on the right track.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – one of the best episodes of the license

call of duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • A mature and uncompromising single player campaign …
  • A flamboyant graphics engine
  • A very dense multiplayer offer

Successor of one of the best episodes of the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare last generation presents itself as an excellent revision of the original title, as much on its solo aspect as on its central aspect, the multiplayer.

Captain Price would surely approve

If Call of Duty struggles to renew itself in its annual format, an episode in 2007 marked the world of multiplayer FPS with its imprint: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare . It is therefore appropriate that the revisited version of this legendary title finds its place in our selection.

In 2007, Modern Warfare seriously refreshed the Call of Duty franchise , usually confined to the events of World War II. As the name suggests, this episode plunged us into modern warfare, with all the new gadgets and perks that come with it.

Modern Warfare also introduced the Kill Streak system , rewarding effective players with perks and gadgets to gain the upper hand over the opposing team. This coupled with a wide range of weapons, game modes and maps have helped make it a cult episode.

Aware of the special place this title occupies with fans of the license, Activation therefore split in 2019 a revisited version of this cult episode, which has given a fresh boost to a title already 12 years old. years.

Taking advantage of more recent technologies, Modern Warfare is more beautiful and successful than ever, and still remains a branded multiplayer FPS today.

Apex Legends: a welcome Respawn of the Battle Royale genre

apex legends video game

Apex Legends

  • Free and without (too many) micro transactions
  • Good pressure build-up during games
  • Very well integrated co-op game

A Battle Royale derivative of the excellent Titanfall 2, Apex Legends offers a refreshing take on a particularly popular genre. With a dynamic and varied gameplay thanks to the different legends, the title is constantly renewed thanks to a continuous flow of new content.

Kill Leader

After the excellent, but sadly little acclaimed Titanfall 1 & 2 , Respawn Entertainment was obviously not done with this universe and offered us its own vision of the Battle Royale , particularly in vogue lately. In 2019, Apex Legends was therefore born and was a runaway success when it was released (in part thanks to influential streamers through Electronic Arts).

While the craziness of the first few weeks then subsided, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Apex Legends offers a particularly refreshing take on Battle Royale. Three players must choose from a wide range of legends with their own abilities, in order to compete against other teams on a vast map and to run for the sacrosanct Top 1.

The legacy of Titanfall is felt in the gameplay of Apex Legends , allowing you to slide and climb walls nimbly, offering an endlessly renewed three-dimensional strategy. Titanfall’s arsenal took the opportunity to re-enter, offering a wide range of possibilities, each of which can be fully personalized.

Since its release, the title has continued to expand with new content, legends, maps and game modes, providing players with new opportunities to jump into the action. The classic Season Pass and competitive league system is also there to encourage the most motivated to come back regularly to show off their achievements.

A title in all respects excellent in the myriad of existing Battle Royale , which therefore naturally finds its place in our selection of the best competitive FPS of recent years.

The best co-op FPS

After the solo and multiplayer FPS, all that remains is to offer you our selection of the best FPS in cooperation. While there are fewer of them than their peers, some have nonetheless left their mark on the genre. More than ever, if the competition weighs on you, but you want to have fun with friends, these titles and the games which are inspired by them will know how to delight you for hours.

Left 4 Dead 2: two fingers and zombies

left 4 dead 2 video game

Left 4 Dead 2

  • Terrifyingly addicting cooperative gameplay
  • A very well put together multiplayer mode
  • Cards and situations as varied as they are random

Left 4 Dead 2 has in its time greatly surpassed its big brother and has since become a benchmark of the FPS genre. Often copied but rarely equaled, this title marked the history of cooperative FPS with a blood red imprint.

Tell you the helicopter is made of chocolate

In 2008, Valve came once again to shake up the FPS genre with Left 4 Dead , a cooperative FPS putting four survivors against hordes of infected, seeking at all costs to survive. Barely a year later, we discovered Left 4 Dead 2 , a completely exceptional sequel, which then spawned many similar titles, without ever equaling the original.

If the gameplay of Left 4 Dead and its sequel turned out to be relatively classic, it is above all in its mechanics giving pride of place to cooperation that it shines. It is indeed necessary to evolve in a group, at the risk of losing a companion in an instant, seriously endangering the rest of the mission.

In addition to the classic infected, Left 4 Dead puts us in fact regularly facing special infected, each with specific abilities aimed at separating us from the others. This coupled with the scripted or unscripted appearance of almost endless hordes of zombies helps make every moment unique and stressful. Not to mention the friendly fire that can often prove fatal, especially in higher difficulties.

The different maps offered, with very varied objectives, are certainly identical for each attempt, but the arrangement of weapons, healing items and accessories is mostly random. This adds to a constant pressure always asking us to move forward, but with caution.

All this coupled with characters as stereotypical as they are funny and endearing has definitely contributed to making the Left 4 Dead franchise a monument of FPS, and more particularly of cooperative FPS.

Borderlands 2: ride with friends on a meat bike

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

  • A tough story and the Handsome Jack
  • Nervous and enjoyable gameplay
  • An apocalyptic lifespan

Second title of a license that literally gave birth to the FPS looter shooter genre, Borderlands 2 is more spectacular, grandiose and successful than its predecessor. It is clear that it has largely surpassed the master and is still placed today as a benchmark of its own kind.

A diamond pony named … loot shower

In 2009, Gearbox Software went with Borderlands , casually , to give birth to a new sub-genre of FPS: the looter shooter . A brilliant and well barred first attempt, masterfully transformed by Borderlands 2 , three years later. A more grandiose, crazier and more accomplished suite than the original formula, and still today a monument of its own kind.

Borderlands therefore plunges us into a post-apocalyptic universe largely inspired by Mad Max , sadists and meat bikes in addition. We play as Vault Hunters, each with a unique skill and an affinity with certain types of weapons. Cleverly mixing elements generally found in the hack’n slash genre such as talent trees and a whole system of equipment, Borderlands thus offered an experience previously unseen in the world of FPS.

Borderlands 2 has come even further to strengthen an already particularly profitable formula, by going even further in excess, at all levels. He also introduced us, like that, to one of the most legendary villains that the video game has seen to date: the Handsome Jack.

With a nervous and dynamic gameplay, an astronomical amount of quests, bosses and equipment, this sequel is still today as the best episode of the franchise, and one of the best looter shooter ever released.

If Borderlands 3 has still perfected the formula on certain points, it still lacks that little something unique that its elder brother had. The adventure is not yet over, however, and the latest from Gearbox Software could still surprise us.

Destiny 2: a titanic FPS MMO

2 destiny game

Destiny 2

  • A vast and exciting universe
  • Deep and accomplished gameplay
  • A galactic lifespan

Following a console exclusive that marked its world, Destiny 2 is the apotheosis of a clever mix between FPS and MMO. After an incredible story, the last baby of Bungie is shown as an excellent title, provided you have time, certainly well invested, to devote to it.

Get to work, Guardians!

After years of loyal service on Halo , Bungie decided to change air and universe. Inspired by the looter shooter sub-genre , the studio was going to offer us in 2014 one of the first FPS mixed with MMO: Destiny . Exclusively on console, this excellent title received a sequel in 2017, making its entry on PC in the process.

Destiny therefore offers us, like Halo before him, to discover a sci-fi universe excavated and very successful. Planet Earth finds itself under the protection of a mysterious entity known as the Guide. For some reason, she is able to make those under her protection immortal, beings we know as Guardians.

At the start of the game, we therefore have the choice between three classes of Guardians: the Titan, the Hunter and the Arcanist. Each has special skills and its own talent tree, which can be specialized according to several subclasses. This is when the looter shooter mechanics come into play, each confrontation and quest allowing us to gain power by equipping ourselves with our various finds.

But where Destiny stands out from a certain Borderlands is in its massively multiplayer aspect. During our adventures, we will often meet illustrious strangers on the occasion of world events. During the endgame , many raid-type activities will also be offered in order to tackle the most difficult content of the game, with the reward for successful completion of the best possible rewards.

If Destiny 2 had an incredible journey, first published by Activision via Battle.Net before Bungie regained its independence and moved to Steam, this does not detract from the fact that it presents itself today as an exceptional title . FPS and MMO enthusiasts will get their time and money on Destiny 2 , thanks to the many regular additions of content, via expansions or others.

“I need a weapon”

Here is the end of our selection of the best single player, multiplayer and co-op FPS. We emphasize once again that this is neither an exhaustive list nor an objective list. We are also curious to hear your opinions and anecdotes on this monumental and prolific genre.

Whether it’s a good solo experience, a need for adrenaline and competition or simply to break out the fires with friends, everyone should find a gun to their measure. Because more than a visceral experience, FPS is above all eternal.

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