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The Last of Us 3: release date, new PS5 features, gameplay … what we know

The Last of Us 3 release date
The Last of Us 3 release date

A 3rd game The Last of Us would be possible and Naughty Dog would only be waiting for Sony’s “GO”. The only thing missing would be a catalyst, an event that throws everyone in the head on this new game. The Last of Us 2, which recently holds the record for “the most awarded game of all time”, could it be this catalyst?

The first game was a complete card, the second did even better. Despite scriptwriting decisions not always understood, the game The Last of Us Part II passed, on April 26, 2021 , the milestone of 300 awards and titles , becoming the most awarded video game of all time. Enough to launch a third game in this saga?

The Last of Us 3 release date : 2024-2025?

No release date has yet been announced since the project for The Last of Us 3 is not even formalized. However, there are many clues pointing to a new game in this universe!

Neil Druckmann , vice president and director of Naughty Dog, said in June 2020 that:

” For a third episode, we would have to figure out how to create a new experience worthy of the emotional impact of these stories in 1 and 2. And I don’t know how to do it. For the time being.”

A few months later, in April 2021 , another interview gives him the opportunity to specify that he has worked well on the subject:

” I’m not sure what I want to reveal. We wrote the outline of a story, but we are not developing it. But I hope it can see the light of day. This story explores what happens after TLOU2. “

The Last of Us Part. III: release on PS5, development … What we know

The second game in the Last of Us saga has sold like hot cakes and is even the most completed game on PS4 , in addition to having collected hundreds of awards, anchoring this name in the video game pantheon. So, plans around the franchise are far from rare, but so far none of them seem to really come to fruition:

  • A series produced by HBO with already several confirmed actors : Pedro Pascal for Joel Miller, Bella Ramsey for Ellie and Gabriel Luna for Tommy Miller.
  • A second remaster of the first game on PS5 , a project apparently shelved by Sony
  • Last of Us 3 projects never really started

Is there a Naughty Dog burnout ? While those in charge announce to whoever wants to hear it that nothing has been decided yet, they also like to punctuate with a promising ” anything is possible “. Throughout 2020, the studio was at a standstill and hadn’t made much progress except for a multiplayer component for The Last of Us 2 .

According to Jason Schreier , the latter would require only a tiny part of the developers of the studio, so on what could the others, who have just canceled the two solo DLCs planned on Abby and Tommy ? At the same time, actor Derek Phillips returns to work in motion capture and the musical composer declares that TLoU 2 was ” just the beginning ” !

Studio 100% owned by Sony-Playstation, Naughty Dog would have found inspiration in early 2021 to believe several job offers seeking to find several creatives for important roles, on a ” new big AAA game “. And that wouldn’t concern Uncharted 5 !

After The Last of Us on PS3 and The Last of Us 2 on PS4 , it would almost make sense to see The Last of Us 3 on PS5 or PS5 Proin order to conclude the trilogy. And not obliged to make a sequel, as rumors indicate (detailed below)!

The last of Us Miller Brothers
The last of Us Miller Brothers


New gameplay in TLoU 3

Nothing official to what follows, but several more-or-less credible rumors speak not of a sequel, but of a Last of Us 3 as a prequel . This coincides with the words of Neil Druckmann , who said that if the first game was so good, it was because the developers were free.

No characters, tones or framework to respect. This is even one of the points that would have made the creation of TLoU 2 so difficult, especially in terms of multiplayer !

A prequel would allow great freedom for the studio, having almost nothing to reproduce except the seriousness and maturity of the games! In terms of gameplay, several Reddit and 4CHAN messages (often mocked and deleted for lack of evidence) advance new features such as:

Large, exploration- friendly open world inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 .

  • Motorbike trips, inspired by Days Gone.
  • As a climbing dimension , the player could also build their own hut through a craft menu.
  • The fighting scenes would be mainly against the infected.

So for the third and final episode, what better way than to be inspired by this world by finding a little freedom by going in flashback , exploring events before the two main titles . We could follow the Miller brothers in an era before the 1st game on PS3.

how to play the last of us on PC
how to play the last of us on PC


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