How to find freelance resources adapted to your needs?

How to find freelance resources
How to find freelance resources

The market for freelance workers has been constantly expanding throughout the world for several years. In an increasingly connected society, many are taking the plunge into professional retraining, leaving behind paid employment, social security and a certain stability. If the radical change of status can be perceived as real risk-taking, a freelance activity, as its name suggests, provides great professional freedom, whether in terms of mobility, flexibility or autonomy.

A freelance platform – what is it?

In order to support freelancers in the launch of their activity, many online platforms have emerged in recent years. Generalist or specialized, they allow workers to easily find new clients by continuously offering a large potential for freelance assignments while guaranteeing a certain level of security that is sometimes sought after during a period of transition. They can be a real opportunity to start a business on solid foundations.

For businesses and young entrepreneurs, calling on one or more freelancers can provide various advantages, in particular that of having recourse to a trusted person while retaining a certain flexibility in terms of the duration of the service and the conditions of employment. realization of the latter. In the digital world, it has become commonplace. For recruiters, freelance platforms also play a key role. They are a real catalog of independent workers available and determined to create a new clientele.

If all the platforms play the role of intermediary between companies and self-employed workers, and setting aside the contractual and financial aspects, there are two types of operation:

Platforms that ask freelancers to respond to mission briefs for companies to make their choice.

Those which, on the other hand, offer companies to draw from a range of freelance profiles corresponding to their criteria.

In any case, the purpose is the same: companies and freelancers are in constant contact. Before using a platform, however, it is essential to learn about their different specificities. While a majority of platforms are intended to be very general and focus on diverse and varied fields, others, more recent, are aimed at a specific audience.

Focus on freelance information : the it-focused platform

With today more than 100,000 registered profiles, the Freelance IT platform brings together a large number of freelance workers in the fields of information technology and digital. Founded in 2001, it has a wealth of twenty years of experience in bringing businesses into contact with the self-employed. Its strong point? Concentrate its activity and propose missions with large accounts (mainly banks and insurance companies), full time and for the long term. Two rare elements in the freelance world which bring high added value to these missions.

From a purely practical point of view, the platform is quite easy to use. Registration is completely free for freelancers who create a detailed profile showing their skills, expectations and requirements, as well as a detailed CV.

Are you a company looking for a freelance worker? You have two options:

You can register directly on the platform and pay for access to be able to post job offers and get in touch directly with freelancers. You keep control of all your exchanges and a certain autonomy.

You can also trust Freelance Information to carry out research corresponding to your criteria and select the best profiles. In this case, the functionalities of the platform will be extended and you will have the possibility of contracting with your recruit directly via the platform, thanks to centralized management. A significant time saver for those who do not have it.

Today there is a very large number of specialized freelance platforms. As our world changes, technologies adapt to provide workers with more opportunities. Tech is one of the fastest growing sectors. This is why Freelance Information has chosen to position itself in this market. IT, Tech, Digital, R&D, Developmentā€¦ to be welcome on the platform!