Choose chatbot for customer service : The 5 reasons to adopt them!

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Importance of chatbot

Whether you manage an e-commerce site marketing products / services or you are responsible for a customer service unit, using a chatbot to relieve your after-sales teams has surely crossed your mind … In this article, we present to you 5 good reasons to move from the phase of reflection to the action.

Can chatbots completely replace customer service?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it seems important to us to answer this question: can a chatbot, once in place, completely replace a human after-sales service?

It is hardly conceivable.

Although after-sales chatbots can handle in total autonomy a good part of the recurring requests already identified , which, depending on the company, can represent a very important part of the customer service activity associated with the website, a human customer service will always be essential to process requests that do not fit into the scenarios managed by the chatbot.

5 Reasons to adopt a chatbot to relieve your customer service

1 – A chatbot makes it possible to gain in reactivity and to process after-sales service requests 24 hours a day

Who likes to wait to get their question answered? A chatbot has the advantage of being able to process customer requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during weekends and holidays.

Improving the user experience and customer loyalty often requires rapid access to the information sought independently, chatbots allow just that.

2 – A chatbot to create a dynamic and interactive faq

You probably already have an FAQ page that answers most of your customers’ recurring requests, don’t you? The latter is surely little visited by them, right?

Thanks to a chatbot, your FAQ can become dynamic, interactive and personalized. Depending on the display rules that you will have defined, the customer will be dynamically prompted for the answers to his questions, without having to consult a dedicated page and search for the answer to his question.

3 – A chatbot to enrich customer knowledge and personalize the experience

Subject to prior consent collection, all data collected through a chatbot can be used to enrich your customer knowledge. For example, you will be able to accurately analyze the number of requests / type and their evolution over time.

With a solution like Noci, the data that you already know about your customers can also be used to personalize the exchanges with the Internet user and thus improve their experience of using the chatbot.

4 – A chatbot saves significant time and money

By handling most of the simple recurring requests, customer service chatbots allow service teams to save significant time so that they can focus on more complex requests with higher added value.

On the side of the customer service manager and the company, who says fewer requests to be processed by after-sales teams, says a more limited need for payroll and therefore limited associated costs. When we know that the creation of a chatbot created independently without technical knowledge with a specialized solution costs less than 50 euros HT / month for sites that make less than 80,000 visits / month, the return on investment is quickly calculated …

5 – A chatbot is created in a few hours, without technical knowledge, with a powerful no-code solution

It is often wrong to think that the creation of a customer service chatbot is something technically complex that necessarily requires the use of a specialized agency or a developer.

In fact, with the rise of specialized no-code self-service solutions such as the French Noci solution , the creation of an after-sales chatbot is now accessible to anyone, without technical knowledge .

Of course, for more advanced and personalized chatbots, it will often be recommended to be accompanied by specialized professionals.