Google Assistant now helps you find your iPhone

Google Assistant helps find iPhone

While waiting for Google I / O 2021, the Mountain View firm announces some new features for Google Assistant.

Unlike Apple, which is used to locking users into its ecosystem, Google has a different policy and offers most of its services on iOS devices. Moreover, as soon as Apple launched the new widgets via the iOS 14 update, Google immediately launched a widget for its search engine, so that users can quickly access this product via the home screen. of the iPhone.

his week, the Mountain View firm decides to improve the integration of Google Assistant on Apple devices. Assistant has been available for the iPhone for years. And now, when you install Google’s voice assistant on your iPhone, it will allow you to find the device if you ever can’t find it.

This is a feature that was already available for Android devices, but is now also available on iPhone. Once this feature is enabled, you can ask Google Assistant (for example via a Nest smart speaker ) to help you find your phone.

When this request is launched, Google Assistant your smartphone will receive a notification and play a sound to help you find it. It works even when the iPhone is in silent mode or in “do not disturb” mode.

Google Assistant helps users order food (in the US)

As the number of people ordering food online grows, due to the pandemic, Google Assistant is getting a new feature to make this process easier.

“To make online food ordering even easier, Assistant can now help you complete your purchase in just a few steps with Duplex on the Web. To get started, you must first search for a restaurant near you from the Google app on Android and select “Order Online” or “Collect Orders”. When you have completed your take-out order online at a restaurant we partner with and click on “Pay”, the Assistant will automatically navigate the site and fill in your contact details and payment information saved in Google Pay and synchronized. with Chrome’s auto-complete ” , explains Lilian Rincon, Senior Director of Product Management.

Unfortunately, like Duplex artificial intelligence, this feature is only offered in the United States.

New for Google Assistant routines

Finally, Google has also decided to improve the routines, the functionality that allows you to launch several actions at the same time via the assistant. It becomes possible to start routines at sunrise or sunset.

Additionally, Google offers some sort of library of routines to inspire you, as well as the ability to create shortcuts for your routines for quick access on the home screen.

Some new features while waiting for the I / O conference

If these new features are very interesting, Google should unveil more in May. Indeed, the firm has already announced that it will organize a virtual I / O conference from May 18 to 20 . This will be an opportunity for Google to unveil the new features of its ecosystem. And it is certain that Google Assistant will have a central place.

As a reminder, the 2020 edition of this conference has been canceled due to the pandemic. Google had preferred to present the new features of Android 11 and its other products via YouTube videos and press releases.