Clean a phone’s USB socket, How to clean USB socket ?

Clean a phones USB socket
Clean a phones USB socket

Is your mobile phone charging poorly? This is often the fault of lint that accumulates in the USB socket preventing the charger cable from being correctly inserted. Very simple cleaning is essential!

Is your smartphone charging poorly? The USB socket no longer fits very well in its housing? Do not panic ! Before you take your precious mobile to a repair shop, take out the soldering iron, or think about changing models, simply try cleaning the connector. Indeed, if you are used – like many – to leave your smartphone in a pocket, it is more than likely that the problem comes from dust, or, more exactly, from tissue residues accumulated over time at the bottom. of the orifice. It is these micro-lint that prevent the USB plug from being correctly inserted into the telephone port, preventing good electrical contact. The diagnosis is also quite easy to establish: if the male plug does not fit well in the female housing and the load is carried out in dotted lines.

The solution to this very frequent problem is extremely simple and accessible to all because it does not require any technical knowledge or special equipment. The only tool you need is an ordinary toothpick, made of wood or plastic – needle-like metal objects can cause damage when used under certain circumstances.

Even if it is not essential, turn off your phone – no need to remove the battery – then insert the toothpick into the socket and gently scrape. In a few seconds, you will remove the famous accumulated lint. Repeat the operation to remove as much residue as possible. You may be surprised by what you will come out, especially if you have never had the operation …

If you have it, use a small blow of compressed air or vacuum cleaner, if necessary, with the appropriate reducer – a small plastic accessory that reduces the diameter and increases the suction flow – in order to remove the residual dust. . then check that the contact is made correctly when you insert the male plug. That’s all !

Note that this small cleaning – to be carried out regularly for prevention, or as soon as the first symptoms appear – concerns all types of smartphone charging sockets (micro-USB, USB-C, etc.), whatever their brand. But also tablets: admittedly, they are rarely slipped into a pocket, but they can drag on the blanket of a bed, for example … You can also apply the method to other sockets – in fact, wherever there is fluff. can accumulate – including headphone mini-jacks.

Be careful, however, as these connectors are very small, the toothpick will not be the most suitable. Try the operation with a thinner tool – a sewing needle, for example – this time taking the precaution of removing the battery if it is removable.