Ultra Wideband connectivity on the way on Google Pixel 6 smartphones

Google Pixel 6 smartphones

Ultra Wideband, the next trendy smartphone technology after NFC and photo sensors? Google is reportedly working on integrating UWB into its next iteration of the Pixel lineup according to XDA.

Google seems to be following the path of Apple and its iPhone with its Pixel line, at least in hardware terms. After leaks indicating that the Pixel 6 would also have the right to homemade processors, we now learn that they could be equipped, like the iPhone 11 and 12, with an Ultra Wide Band chip.

The Ultrawide Band, but what for?

The applications of the Ultrawide Band are numerous. The AirTags recently launched by Apple are an excellent example of this: they allow very fine indoor location of nearby objects. In the case of the HomePod Mini, the UWB allows you to connect to it instantly by simply bringing your iPhone closer.

The Pixel 6’s UWB chip is said to be developed by Qorvo, but it’s unclear how Google will use it. If we had to guess, we can easily imagine the future Nest or any other Google Home compatible device equipped with technology to facilitate home automation where the digital giant is well established.

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