Apple might not renew its iPhone mini

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Faced with disappointing sales, Apple has decided not to renew the iPhone mini next year …

At the beginning of the year, we learned that Apple had significantly reduced the production of its iPhone 12 mini . While many predicted huge success for Apple’s mini iPhone, it looks like the public has finally decided to shun the small apple smartphone. A mini version much less popular than the standard iPhone 12, and also competed with a certain iPhone SE …

The iPhone mini, two little turns and then goes?

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Still, Apple should keep an iPhone mini in the line-up of smartphones to come at the end of the year. Indeed, the American giant should again market a total of four “new” iPhones, including a compact version. A new range of iPhones which could also mark the return of a certain Touch ID , abandoned a few years ago, and which some users sorely miss.

According to many analysts, however, the iPhone mini would not be renewed next year. Indeed, Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that Apple does not intend to offer any iPhone mini with regard to the 2022 batch, that is to say the future iPhone 14. The range would then include two iPhones with a screen of 6.1 ″, and two models with a larger 6.7 ″ screen.

At present, Apple has obviously given no indication as to the future of its iPhone mini range. It remains to be seen whether the American giant will manage to correct the situation with the future iPhone 13 mini. Indeed, in addition to the return of Touch ID, the fact of readjusting the price of this future iPhone mini could finally allow the latter to experience the expected success.

It must be said that despite its compactness and its 5G compatibility, with a price of 809 € for the 64 GB version , the iPhone 12 mini is particularly (too) poorly positioned, financially speaking. To be continued therefore, but it seems that the iPhone mini is on the way to becoming a relic of the past within a few months …

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